Bitrix Implements New Search Methods

Oct 21, 2005

An improved search method has been added to the Bitrix Site Manager. This improved search method is a morphological search. Morphological search enables users to find not only documents containing the required word, but also documents containing all the morphological forms of the sought word. This new search feature is implemented for Russian and English languages with the capability for additional languages.

The Bitrix Site Manager Search module can index valuable information and disregard the publication facility and positioning. The indexing technology provides for precise indexing of information objects, which minimizes the load on a server's hardware. Users can search for information in both static and dynamic (news, articles, galleries, catalogues) content of the site, as well as forums.

The Search module: uses the new result-ranking algorithm, which is built on the word-contrast concept (how often a word occurs in a document); works 5 to 10 times faster. For multiple site configurations, the search can be performed with all sites in the system; and is available to all registered users of the Bitrix Site Manager free of charge via the SiteUpdate technology. A free 30-day Bitrix Site Manager 4.0 trial version is available at the Web site.