Bitrix Adds New Visual Mode to Web Forms in Bitrix Site Manager

Feb 23, 2007

Bitrix Software has released a new visual mode of editing web forms in Bitrix Site Manager (CMS). With the Web Forms module, website users and administrators can edit any web form in HTML Editor. They can create a web form, customize its appearance, define the order of questions and titles, and publish them. Visual Web Forms builder is an add-on to the product visual tools. Bitrix plans to add features in the future.

Users can create a registration form for seminars, a contact form for a website, customer feedback forms, and different forms with the Bitrix Site Manager module, Web Forms. The Web Forms module allows users to create a new web form, specify the list and type of requested data, and publish the form by the means of special components on a web page in two editing modes, simple and extended. The special statuses of Web Forms allow users to flexibly configure web form results processing, set responsible person for every status, create different email notifications, and more.