BitPass Teams with Abacast and Fast-Serv Technologies CDNs; Launches BitPass Unplugged for Podcasters

May 13, 2005

BitPass, Inc., a commerce platform for digital content and services, announced partnerships with Abacast, Inc. and Fast-Serv Technologies under which BitPass will integrate its payment system with the streaming infrastructure of the content delivery networks (CDNs) to facilitate the distribution of premium streaming content. BitPass' partnerships with CDNs is intended to provide turnkey solution that can be deployed in as little as a day with no upfront cost and no monthly minimum fees, in order to enable content providers to quickly introduce a-la-carte and subscription pricing to rich-media, video, and audio content.

BitPass has also announced BitPass Unplugged, a patent-pending, new service that is designed to give content providers the ability to charge for their podcasts. BitPass Unplugged will allow podcasters ranging from hobbyists to mainstream media organizations to increase revenue with a-la-carte and subscription-driven premium podcasts. It also leverages the loyalty of a number of listeners who prefer to download music, audio blogs, radio shows, and other content and have it transferred automatically to portable media devices for listening at the user's convenience. BitPass Unplugged will be available in Q4 2005.