BitPass Releases Studio Product

Dec 10, 2004

BitPass, Inc., an Internet payments company for digital content and services, has announced the introduction of BitPass Studios, a service designed to enable anyone to sell music, photos, reports, and other digital files by uploading those files and inserting a URL into an email or an instant message (IM). Released on the first anniversary of BitPass Professional, the company's flagship service, BitPass Studios is intended to make selling content easy, convenient, and risk-free and allows merchants to introduce varying price points, from 25-cent downloads to $100 purchases. There are no setup or recurring fees, no software to buy or download, and no merchant account to apply for. BitPass hosts the content so there is no need to maintain a server or Web site.

After registering as a BitPass Studios Earner, a user can begin selling digital content by following a three-step process: 1. Upload the premium content on to BitPass' servers. 2. Specify item names, prices, and access terms. 3. For each registered item, BitPass automatically generates a URL that enables instant and secure access to that item from within an email or an IM. For Earners with a Web site, the associated HTML code snippets can be added to their site to provide a point of sale. BitPass Studios is available immediately. For each item sold, there is a transaction fee of 30% for items priced at $5 or less; for items priced greater than $5, the fee is 10% plus $1. In a promotional offer, new BitPass Studios Earners who sign up through Jan. 31, 2005 will receive 100 MB of free storage.