Biography Reference Bank Adds Content from American National Biography

Mar 22, 2005

H.W. Wilson's Biography Reference Bank database now includes some 5,000 profiles from Oxford University Press's American National Biography, a biographical reference series on people who have shaped American history and culture. In all, Biography Reference Bank covers over 500,000 people. This latest expansion follows the recent addition of some 100,000 names to the database, reflecting personal names cited as subjects in more than 50 WilsonWeb periodicals reference databases. Besides narrative biographies, Biography Reference Bank is designed to help users find biographical information from nearly 8,000 periodicals: profiles, features, interviews, essays, book reviews, performance reviews, speeches, and obituaries-including over 175,000 full-text articles.

In addition to Oxford University Press, Biography Reference Bank also features licensed profiles from other publishers, including Grove's Dictionaries, Harvard University Press, Greenwood Press, Houghton Mifflin, and others. Content from all other H.W. Wilson biography reference books and databases is included as well, such as data from Biography Index, Current Biography, World Authors, and Junior Authors & Illustrators. Free 30-day trials of Biography Reference Bank are available to librarians and members of the working press.