Bidalgo and AppsFlyer Partner to Provide Full-Funnel Attribution for Apple Search Ads

Dec 15, 2017

Bidalgo, a provider of ad creative automation software and services for app marketers, and AppsFlyer, the provider of mobile attribution and marketing analytics, unveiled a Full-Funnel Attribution solution for Apple Search Ads. According to the announcement, the combined solution enables app marketers to run smarter, more profitable install campaigns on Apple Search Ads using Bidalgo’s ad automation platform and AppsFlyer’s consumer behavior measurement data throughout the entire consumer lifecycle, from ad impression to in-app spending.

Integrated with AppsFlyer and other measurement partners, Bidalgo’s ad automation platform allows app marketers to analyze and manage their campaigns according to the complete marketing funnel, from the initial impression to post-install behaviors. By tracking campaign performance based on Lifetime Value (LTV) and Return on Investment (ROI), marketers can maximize their Apple Search Ads campaign performance by optimizing variables such as keywords, targeting, bid rates, and more. Bidalgo also enables app marketers to optimize their campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more.

Since the launch of Apple Search Ads approximately one year ago, the channel has emerged as a go-to source for user acquisition managers. With over 2.2 million apps in the App Store, Apple Search Ads is ideal for high-value user engagement. In fact, more than 65% of downloads come directly from a search on the App Store, according to US App Store data.