Bidalgo Launches Bidalgo AI, an Artificial Intelligence Agent to Automate the Media Buying Cycle for App Marketers

Apr 13, 2017

Bidalgo, a provider of ad automation software and services for app marketers, launched Bidalgo AI, which it says is the mobile industry’s first end-to-end ad automation agent for app install ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. Bidalgo AI uses Artificially Intelligent algorithms to manage and optimize the entire media buying cycle, from uploading ads and optimizing their performance to real-time bid management, budget allocation, and more.  

The company says Bidalgo AI automates the entire media buying process, including: 

  • Creative Uploading: The first automation software to automatically upload creative assets when needed based on delivery and performance. Optimizes creative performance based on targeting, strategy, and other dimensions to keep creative fresh and deliver more frequent spikes. 
  • ROAS Optimization: Allows marketers to set target goals for 7-Day Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and/or average Cost Per Install (CPI) and optimizes towards that goal. Looks at both post-install ad spend and In-App Payment revenue to calculate ROAS. 
  • Real-time Bid Management: Identifies how much money to bid on every user in real-time based on market dynamics and potential customer value. 
  • Dynamic Budget Allocation: Optimizes budget pacing based on campaign performance, daily limits and overall advertising strategy. 
  • A/B Testing: Continually conducts A/B Tests to determine the best creative to use based on parameters such as country, target, platform, etc. 

Existing Bidalgo clients should work with their account managers to begin using Bidalgo AI.