Bidalgo Announces Self-Serve Solution for Optimizing Google’s Universal App Campaigns

Apr 24, 2018


Bidalgo, a provider of ad creative automation software and services for app marketers, announced the launch of the first self-serve solution to help app marketers optimize their Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC). As an integrated part of Bidalgo’s multi-channel user acquisition software, the company’s new UAC solution gives marketers a competitive edge by significantly improving their creative assets, providing real-time, actionable data visualization, and enabling management of UAC campaigns in conjunction with all other significant channels for mobile installs. 

Google’s move to UAC-only install campaigns has leveled the playing field for app marketers, making it easier for developers of all sizes to advertise across Google properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. But at the same time, it took some of the control out of marketer’s hands, making it harder for sophisticated marketers to stand out, scale, and manage ad creative effectively. Bidalgo’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms can even make recommendations on how to design more high-performing assets.

With Bidalgo’s self-serve user acquisition solution, UAC marketers get access to features including:

  • Creative AI Dashboard--Provides a comprehensive picture of creative assets -- what’s working, what’s not, and how assets measure up to industry benchmarks. The dashboard visually shows which elements need their immediate attention, which colors work best, which copy is most effective, which audiences to target, etc..
  • Faster Campaign Creation--Enables marketers to set up campaigns approximately ten times faster than using Adwords with a more streamlined process and the ability to do bulk uploads of videos, images and playable ad units.
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Management--Manages campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Apple Search as well as UAC for cross-channel optimization.
  • Asset Management--Offers more control over creative assets, with the ability to opt in or out at the asset level and to group creative by video length, dimension, ratio, asset type, and more. Includes the ability to sync to different creative clouds for seamless uploading of new creative.
  • Actionable Data Visualization--Delivers a deeper understanding of campaign performance and improves ROAS with real-time, multi-level cohorted reports based on Mobile Measurement Partner data, exclusive to Bidalgo.
  • Expert Consulting Services--Bidalgo software is backed by continuous account management from leading industry experts offering expert advice, insider industry benchmarking, strategic media buying, and creative design guidance.

Last November, Bidalgo announced it had partnered with Google as a Premier Partner for Mobile Advertising after meeting Google’s stringent requirements for performance and expertise in mobile advertising. Bidalgo is also an official marketing partner with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, and it manages install campaigns through Apple Search Ads as well.