Berkeley Electronic Press and ECI Launch Research Site

May 11, 2004


The Berkeley Electronic Press and Engineering Conferences International (ECI) have announced the launch of a publication site--The Engineering Conferences International Symposium Series. The Series electronically publishes presented papers, peer-reviewed articles, and other materials such as presentations, data sets, and video files associated with ECI conferences. Four conference proceedings, including one refereed volume, have been published to date. Each series contains materials presented in association with recently held engineering conferences. Materials are approved by the meeting organizers, and the entire Series is overseen by coordinating editor Franco Berruti, Dean of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario.

The Engineering Conferences International Symposium Series is a joint project of Engineering Conferences International and The Berkeley Electronic Press. It is intended to provide conference organizers with a highly visible, rapidly disseminated publication outlet for conference materials. Each conference has its own, branded site (with links back to past conference or to sponsoring bodies, for example) and can customize its policies (e.g., will materials be peer reviewed). ECI manages two dozen engineering conferences annually.

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