Belus Technology Releases New Version of XStandard

Apr 14, 2006

Belus Technology has released version 1.7 of XStandard, a standards-compliant WYSIWYG editor for Windows desktop- and browser-based content management systems (IE/Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape).

Three new features in XStandard are designed to speed the authoring process: content locking, content markers, and support for subdocuments. Locking portions of content against editing, or exposing areas of content for editing, can reduce the risk of publishing inaccurate or unauthorized information. Markers are used to flag elements of content with short, informative text messages. Used in combination with content locking, markers can guide authors to appropriate editing areas. A third new feature in XStandard 1.7 is support for subdocuments. This permits authors to snap chunks of reusable content into documents as required.

By year-end, XStandard plans to transition to a new interface that will be fully keyboard-accessible, and compliant with W3C's Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG). Markup generated by XStandard already complies with W3C's WebContent Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Cascading style sheets (CSS) allow authors to format content while separating data from presentation, and without undermining the structural integrity of documents. Within CSS, the selector's role is to pattern-match and determine which style is applied to elements in a document's structure or "tree".