Belus Releases New Version of XStandard

Jan 20, 2004


Belus Technology has announced the release of a new version of "Xstandard." XStandard is an ActiveX control that is typically integrated into Web- or Windows-based content management systems where it creates a WYSIWYG editing area that allows business users to author and format rich, multilingual content without programming. The new version of XStandard (Version 1.2) includes a spell checker, support for more CSS properties and XHTML tags, a customizable tool bar, and a choice of 6 product interface languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Dutch).

XStandard is designed to support standard editing features including tables, lists, and hyperlinks, plus advanced features such as the ability to wrap text around images. XStandard's use of Web Services (SOAP) enables drag-&-dropping of files into the editor from the desktop and, in shared environments, permits multiple users to reference common files located on remote servers. The editor's use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for formatting enables the clean separation of data from presentation and generates semantically rich markup. XStandard also permits business users to apply custom tags to words, phrases, or objects such as images. XStandard is available in "Lite" and "Pro" versions. The Lite version is free.

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