Belus Enhances XStandard XHTML WYSIWYG Editor

Aug 17, 2004

Belus Technology has announced the new version of XStandard. XStandard is a standards-based WYSIWYG editor that can be used in Windows and browser-based content management systems to manage rich, multilingual content of any type. New features in version 1.3 of XStandard include a Directory service that permits users to browse and import content from third-party applications or any type of centrally stored information repository. This includes heavily formatted content; for example an entire chunk from a product catalogue, combining elements such as tables, text, images, and hyperlinks.

Version 1.3 of XStandard also supports importing non-standard or "bad" markup produced by other editors, and improved retention of structural elements when content is pasted from Microsoft Word into XStandard. XStandard's technical user experience is now enhanced by syntax highlighting in View Source mode and a fully customizable toolbar. The latter enables users to blend XStandard's appearance into that of content management systems and to add toolbar buttons that extend XStandard's functionality. Markup produced by XStandard complies with the latest W3C recommendation: XHTML Strict / 1.1. XStandard follows W3C's recommendation and uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for presentation in an effort to ensure data is free from formatting and easy to parse and re-purpose. XStandard is available in Lite and Pro versions; the Lite version is free.