Belo and Mochila Partner

Sep 25, 2007

Belo Corp. and Mochila, Inc. announced a strategic partnership whereby Belo will become a premier content syndication partner in the Mochila marketplace. In addition, Belo has made an investment in Mochila to help drive Mochila’s future growth. Mochila is a global online media marketplace for text, video, and photo content for publishers, editors, content creators, and advertisers. Belo, a media company, will now offer its local content for syndication and distribution via the Mochila marketplace. Through the partnership, Mochila expands its content inventory and enables Belo to deepen user engagement on its online properties. Belo also will participate in Mochila's AdMatch program. The Mochila AdMatch program allows members to acquire content for free and syndicate content to other publishers while earning a share of advertising revenue.