Bedrock Data’s Fusion Expands to More SaaS Systems with New Connector Release

May 22, 2018

Bedrock Data has announced the release of a new wave of connectors for its Fusion software, expanding its library beyond CRM, marketing automation, and support categories into project management, finance, subscriptions, and billing. New connectors include Jira for project management and QuickBooks, Xero and NetSuite for finance, and Zuora & Recurly for subscriptions.

Fusion launched in March to reduce the time and cost associated with unifying customer data across cloud applications. Customers create a Fused Database, an on-demand SQL warehouse, that enables Customer 360 analytics, business intelligence, and real-time dashboards by eliminating the delays of data preparation.

The newly released connectors open up powerful capabilities for Bedrock Data/Fusion customers using CRMs such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and marketing automation software such as HubSpot and Marketo, Fusion connectors that are gaining traction within their user and partner communities.

Fusion is one of a handful of software selected by HubSpot to be included in its Apps for Agency Services Program, featuring complimentary software for the HubSpot partner ecosystem to provide value-add services for customers.

Fusion is compatible with many different business intelligence and reporting tools, and Bedrock Data has recently joined partner programs with several of these companies including Looker.