Bazaarvoice and RichRelevance Team Up to Enhance Experience Personalization

Jun 26, 2018

RichRelevance, a provider of experience personalization, and Bazaarvoice, Inc. announced a strategic partnership. The partnership integrates Bazaarvoice’s shopping data from its network of more than 6,000 brand and retail websites into the RichRelevance Experience Personalization Platform to power more relevant interactions across the customer journey. Now brands and retailers can personalize content, search, and product recommendations with new insights into what consumers are shopping for before they reach a retailer’s site. The result is a more compelling customer experience and significant increases in conversion, average order, and revenue per visitor – even from a shopper who has never interacted with the retailer before.

The RichRelevance Experience Personalization Platform uses advanced Personalization AI to power memorable, individualized interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. Bazaarvoice sees shoppers researching products and engaging with ratings and reviews across its vast network, giving it a view into what products and categories consumers are in-market to buy. Through the partnership, these data signals are now immediately available to RichRelevance’s Personalization AI to help determine the most relevant experience for each shopper – in real time, at each touchpoint in the customer journey. 

For example, a shopper who visits a brand’s e-commerce site for the first time can be immediately greeted with relevant products and content based on the items and categories she most recently researched and browsed on other online stores. Or a repeat customer can be offered a blend of products and content based on his recent browsing behavior on other sites, as well as his direct history with the brand. RichRelevance’s Personalization AI continuously learns and optimizes as each shopper progresses through their journey, delivering the best possible experience from the first click throughout the lifecycle.