Basis and TEMIS Announce Partnership

Nov 15, 2005

Basis Technology, a provider of solutions for multilingual computing and information retrieval, and TEMIS, a provider of text mining enterprise solutions, have announced a new business alliance. The objective is the development of new multilingual text mining applications for government and commercial markets.

The integration of TEMIS' Insight Discoverer solutions for European languages and Basis Technology's Rosette language analysis system for Asian and Middle Eastern languages can allow users to extract intelligence from unstructured data. The companies' multilingual text mining applications will allow organizations to identify, group, and classify unstructured documents based on relevancy, similarity, and combined statistical and linguistic analysis. Basis Technology has added 16 additional European languages to its Rosette Linguistics Platform. In addition, TEMIS has added Asian and Arabic languages to both XeLDA and Insight Discoverer Extractor.