Basis Technology and BrightPlanet Deliver Deep Web Search

Sep 13, 2005

Basis Technology, a provider of multilingual information retrieval software, and BrightPlanet Corporation, a provider of Deep Web document harvest and analysis, have signed an agreement to provide multilingual Deep Web search capabilities to a U.S. Government agency in support of national security objectives.

BrightPlanet has licensed Basis Technology's Rosette Linguistics Platform (RLP) for integration into its Deep Query Manager (DQM), a deep navigational search engine to assist the Intelligence Community in conducting multilingual searches and document harvests. BrightPlanet's DQM is an automated search platform that "harvests" from search engines, directories, and databases as it searches the Deep Web and the surface Web. Rosette enhances information retrieval applications by providing in-depth linguistic analysis of Asian, Middle Eastern, and European text. Each analyzer incorporates knowledge of the nuances of each language, enabling applications such as DQM to deliver accurate search results. For example, RLP identifies individual words for languages such as Japanese that do not use spaces between words; breaks compound words into their individual components; and identifies parts-of-speech such as verbs and adjectives. BrightPlanet has licensed all language modules of the Rosette Linguistics Platform.