Barnes&Noble Releases 8 GB, $199 Nook Tablet

Feb 21, 2012

Barnes&Noble unveiled the Nook Tablet - 8 GB, which is selling at $199 a pop and now competing even more directly with Amazon's tablet. The Kindle Fire also has 8 GB of storage and a going rate of $199. The new 8 GB Nook Tablet also matches the Kindle Fire in terms of processor RAM: 512 MB on both. (The 16 GB Nook Tablet offers 1 GB of RAM.)

At the Nook Tablet's launch in November, reported that B&N CEO William Lynch called the Kindle Fire a "deficient" tablet, adding that the Nook Tablet offers more storage, a faster processor, and a better display. The Nook Color's price has dropped to $169; the Nook Tablet - 16 GB remains at $249.

The bookseller also released its 3Q 2012 earnings report. Business for B&N's Nook devices increased 38% to $542 million, with unit sales up 64% over last year. Total revenues were $2.4 billion, a 5% increase. Earnings were $52 million on $0.71 per share -- lower than analysts' projections of $1.01 per share.