Barnes & Noble Sells Five Percent of Nook Media to Pearson

Jan 02, 2013

Barnes & Noble is kicking off the new year by selling a five percent stake in Nook Media to Person, according to Fierce Content Management. For $89.5 million, Pearson now has the right to publish its education content on the Nook and perhaps even distribute devices.

This is no small step, considering Pearson's recent moves in the educational space. As EContent's own Kat Allen wrote in a recent column, "Publishing and education group Pearson, PLC announced in August that it has launched a higher education college in the U.K. As of September 2012, Pearson College offers business degrees to a small "pioneer" intake of 40 students, becoming the first FTSE 100 company directly delivering undergraduate degrees in the U.K. A larger intake of students will embark on their studies in September 2013."

If Pearson turns to Nooks to distribute its content to students, Barnes & Noble may find an answer to its less than stellar holiday sales.