Barnes & Noble Releases NOOK Tablet

Nov 08, 2011

Barnes & Noble introduced the NOOK Tablet, which weighs in at 14.1 oz. but supplies 16GB of storage, double the space of some other tablets. NOOK Tablet is available in the NOOK Digital Shops and displays in Barnes & Noble stores, which feature a range of NOOK digital devices and free NOOK Reading Apps.

Customers can access their personal NOOK Library through the NOOK Cloud service. The tablet offers NOOK Apps as well as NOOK Newsstand and NOOK Bookstore. The NOOK Tablet also provides pre-loaded free trials of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Pandora. The tablets will soon offer Flixster with UltraViolet.

NOOK Tablet is available for pre-order at and at Barnes & Nobles stores for $249. The device is expected to arrive in stores on or about Nov. 17.