BanterX Announces the Launch of a Conversational Advertising Platform

Aug 02, 2018


BanterX, a Silicon Valley based startup announced that it was launching the World’s first Conversational Advertising Platform.  This is a self-serve, web based platform that enables the delivery of advertising content, in an interactive, conversational format, to users interacting with chatbots across popular messaging platforms.

Online display advertising has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginning as a banner ad in October 1994. Today, there is an entire ecosystem of ad tech that has been built around the sole objective of bringing efficiency and scale to digital advertising. But that’s the problem - All the innovation in ad tech so far has been focused on how to show more ads to more people in more places. However, the lack of contextual relevance and the increased reliance on ‘retargeting’ has resulted in an ecosystem that is advertiser-centric – unfortunately leading consumers to feel that online advertising is just intrusive and a distraction.

BanterX enables advertisers to build campaigns where the “creative” element is an interactive conversation that is delivered to an end user interacting with a chatbot. It’s proprietary matching engine uses the keywords and intent from the user’s conversation to find a campaign that will be contextually relevant. For chatbot owners, and content publishers looking to chatbots as a new medium, there is currently no viable monetization model, and BanterX is looking to change that. A beta release of the platform will be launched shortly and BanterX is inviting advertisers, publishers and chatbot owners to sign up for early access.