Bango Announces New Subscription Service for Mobile

Nov 07, 2006

Bango has launched a safe subscription service that gives mobile users worldwide another way to pay for content from ringtones and videos to news and blogs, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. The new service allows consumers to sign up and manage their subscription accounts on the mobile internet. Bango ensures that consumers see the terms and conditions before confirmation of any payments so it's clear how much the service costs and the frequency of the payments.

Consumers also have a way of controlling their subscriptions. By visiting on their mobile phone, or clicking on a link from the content provider's mobile site, they can see the details and status of all their active subscriptions--with a one-click option to cancel future payments. The user needs an internet enabled handset to sign-up. The mobile internet site offering the services detects handset capabilities so they only offer content known to work on the user's handset.

The new Bango subscription service, due to go live in Q4 2006, is part of Bango's global mobile payment platform so users can pay for content on their phone bill, using PayPal or credit/debit card. Content providers can offer subscription options along with a single one-time charge, one-time payments for defined periods, and free access. Bango safe subscription is fully compliant with the UK mobile operators' "Payforit" mobile payment scheme. Content providers set the frequency and define the initial introductory and standard repeat prices. Bango ensures that there are no barriers to signing up and takes care of the complexity along with management and legal issues surrounding contractual agreements.