Babel Street Launches Babel Channels, Curated Content from Around the Globe

Jul 16, 2019

Babel Street, the world's data-to-knowledge company, announced the launch of Babel Channels, a plug and play offering. Its pre-configured collections analyze publicly available information (PAI) from more than 50 available data sources in over 200 languages to inform a variety of initiatives, providing global situational awareness through local perspectives.

Developed in response to feedback from the company's earliest adopters of its enterprise platform, Babel X, most Babel Channels comprise a geographic location, local voices, and a topic of interest, which are expertly curated by Babel Street analysts. Other Babel Channels focus on major events like the G-20 Summit, large scale sporting events, and major elections.

Babel Channels' voices reflect local sources and sources with the most relevance to the location. PAI is drawn from voices including hyper-local news, police and emergency services, transportation infrastructure, public utilities, government agencies and elected officials. Today, the solution covers hundreds of locations around the world and within the United States at the country, state, and city level.

Babel Channels' topics cover categories of major interest within a given location including Breaking News, Disease Outbreaks, Mass Casualty Attacks, Natural Disasters, Terror Events, Transportation Incidents, Market and Economic Drivers and Special Event Channels.

In the wake of major events, breaking news, business fraud, epidemics, cyber hacks, or severe weather, organizations are often turning to Babel Street because they are compelled to find an automated way to discover information related to those events. Babel Street enables customers to quickly understand ground truth and ultimately take more control of the situations they face.

In 2019 and 2020, there will be more than 80 elections around the world (International Foundation of Electoral Systems). Hurricane/tropical cyclone rainfall and intensity is expected to increase (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory); Ebola, Measles, and Cholera outbreaks are occurring globally (UN News); and the 2020 Summer Olympics will kick off in Tokyo, drawing visitors from across the globe to the city.

These events can create unpredictable situations where organizations with Babel Channels such as emergency responders, businesses with global operations, universities with students abroad and governments with citizens impacted by global events can better prepare and react.

Babel Channels will be available this month as a stand-alone offering and as part of Babel X subscriptions. Users subscribe to specific Babel Channels with the push of a button and automatically receive timely information as it occurs around the world, based on qualified locally based sources.

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