BUPA Australia Selects Stellent CMS

Aug 22, 2003

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced that BUPA Australia has selected Stellent‚ Content Management to power 17 business Web sites. BUPA Australia covers one million Australians under the HBA and Mutual Community customer brands and is part of BUPA, an independent health and care organizations with more than eight million members in 190 countries.

Stellent Content Management will power the following BUPA Australia Web sites: local-market public sites for each state in Australia that will share content, while maintaining local information and branding; seven local-market customer sites, which will be integrated with BUPA Australia's BEA WebLogic Application Server; a health care provider site, which provides business information to affiliated health care providers; a corporate intranet for internal distribution of critical business information; and an overseas student site, which provides information on required health coverage for overseas students residing in Australia.

The Stellent system is intended to enable designated BUPA Australia employees to contribute content to the company's Web sites using applications such as Microsoft Word. It also enables automatic, hands-free check-in and publication of content from other systems, such as PeopleSoft. After content is submitted into Stellent Content Management, it will be converted to appropriate Web formats.

Stellent's insurance solutions are designed to enable insurance companies to quickly deploy content management applications that automate content-intensive business processes, such as enrollments and renewals, claims processing, appeals and complaints, and accreditation and regulatory audits. Stellent's insurance solutions are based on the Stellent Content Management system, which provides a single product architecture offering Web content management, document management, collaboration, records management, and digital asset management functionalities.

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