BT Selects Knexus Services

Feb 18, 2004

Knexus Services has joined forces with BT Retail, a European provider of telecommunications services, to spearhead a content strategy to enable the delivery of compelling content on its Web site. Knexus believes that companies need to have a robust content strategy that addresses organizational, people, governance, ownership, and process issues, as well as technology systems, in order to achieve the success of producing compelling content to increase sales revenue via the web. The Content Strategy developed by Knexus Services was designed to provide BT Retail with a clear plan of action to meet its objectives by delivering compelling content.

Knexus Services and BT already have an established relationship as Knexus Services was a partner in helping BT set up InsightExec, its online advisory and consulting service which was launched in May 2002. BT Retail has also recently leveraged its membership of Knexus Community, a European ebusiness club and network and sister company to Knexus Services, by hosting a collaborative session to share knowledge and learning around Content Strategy with corporations.