BLOCKv Launches Development Platform to Build Assets for the Next Generation Digital Goods Economy

Aug 24, 2017

BLOCKv unveiled its blockchain-based development platform that enables the creation of smart, secure, and dynamic virtual objects to dramatically expand the $100 billion industry beyond games, music, and books. The platform promises to usher in the next generation digital goods economy. As sharable digital goods become more ingrained in the lives of consumers, BLOCKv technology provides an opportunity for brands, marketers, and developers to engage with and build stronger relationships with consumers.

Demand for digital goods is expanding rapidly, driven by the rapid rise of digital tickets and coupons, games such as Pokemon GO and Counterstrike, and devices such as tablets, smart TVS, and e-readers. However, many factors limit the mass adoption of digital objects, including:

  • Lack of “ownership” by the end user; digital objects are typically licensed content
  • Inability to exist or function outside their original native environment or application
  • Inability to cross the divide between digital and physical worlds
  • Rampant fraud that diminishes perceived value, erodes branding, and inhibits revenues

BLOCKv enables a new ecosystem and economy for interactive digital goods on blockchain that are imbued with real-world value and can be bought, sold, collected, traded, owned, and redeemed. This new asset class can be experienced across all digital environments and bridges the gap between digital and physical worlds.

For the first time, digital goods are now finite in quantity and can be trusted to be secure and immune to fraud. Obtainable from almost anywhere, the objects can be acquired across traditional and social media, physical locations, online exchanges, mobile devices, and virtual and augmented reality environments. The objects are smart, and run autonomously with long running processes. They are dynamic, interact with and react to other objects, and can change functions and behaviors based on external, real-world events such as the weather, stock prices, sports scores, and social media trends.

To accelerate this vision, BLOCKv has signed its first development partner, vAtomic Systems, which is piloting the BLOCKv platform with a major brands in financial services, music and entertainment, and consumer goods. The companies will announce brand and technology partnerships in the coming months.

In order to create and distribute objects on the BLOCKv platform and fund their long running processes, developers acquire and utilize VEE Tokens. Built on the ERC20 token standard, VEE Tokens are an integral part of the BLOCKv open-source development and operational environment, along with API’s, sample code, documentation, developer training, extensive API’s, collaborative community tools, and access to third party add-ons, tools and frameworks. VEE Tokens provide essential utility to the BLOCKv ecosystem, providing access, power, and incentive to the global community of creators and developers.  BLOCKv will make VEE Tokens available through an initial token offering on September 21, 2017.