BCR, BiblioLife, and Ingram Digital Launch Partnership

Dec 19, 2008

BCR, BiblioLife, and Ingram Digital announced a new program designed to help libraries improve access to their collections through digitization. BCR’s Shelf2Life program digitizes pre-1923, U.S. published monographs and offers those and other previously digitized materials in both digital and print-on-demand formats. The program works through collaboration between the libraries, BCR, BiblioLife, and Ingram Digital. Participating libraries work with BCR to identify materials to digitize or supply files of previously digitized titles. BCR uses its new imaging center to scan the books utilizing custom software developed by BiblioLife. BiblioLife then post-processes each title assuring a quality digital book. BiblioLife delivers the e-book to Ingram Digital who adds the title to its MyiLibrary platform. Titles may also be delivered to Lightning Source so that the book can be offered as a print-on-demand title. Libraries and other cultural heritage institutions can gain access to these collections by subscribing through the Ingram Digital MyiLibrary platform.

(www.BCR.org, www.BiblioLife.com, www.ingramdigital.com)