Axs-One Launches Electronic Records Compliance Information Center

Jun 28, 2005

AXS-One Inc., a provider of records compliance management software solutions has announced the free AXS-One Electronic Records Compliance Information Center. ERCIC is designed to provide a single destination for anyone in the fields of IT, Legal, Compliance, Records Management, and the media, attempting to navigate through the issues of electronic records management. The site is designed to provide data, research, and commentary on records compliance management and its implications for IT, regulatory and corporate compliance, corporate governance, legal discovery, and privacy. ERCIC is available now to all.

ERCIC includes cross-functional information on topics such as Records Compliance Management, Email and Instant Messaging Management, eDiscovery, Data Retention and U.S. Regulations segmented by industry, as well as links to other public information sources. In addition, it will feature archived presentations, case studies, FAQs, White Papers, interviews, tips, checklists and Webinar transcripts from AXS-One. Information is presented in a format that includes contributions from analysts, media, the government, and other constituencies.