Axonwave Releases Content Intelligence System Version 3.0

Jun 27, 2003

Axonwave Software Inc., a provider of content intelligence solutions for unstructured information, has announced the release of version 3.0 of its Content Intelligence System (CIS). CIS can decipher relationships between words, concepts, and phrases to extract meaning from disparate textual sources such as, MS Office documents, PDFs, Web sites, intranets, email, and news feeds. CIS returns results that are based on user-defined relationships between concepts, rather than on frequency or statistical relevancy of certain words or phrases within a document. Axonwave's CIS enables users to view the results of concept queries in a variety of views, which helps to determine how the information interrelates, and to perform more sophisticated predictive trend analysis. New features of version 3.0 of the Content Intelligence System include integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and expanded API. CIS is integrated with SPS security and Microsoft Index Server and is able to provide conceptual analysis of the SharePoint document repository; proper name recognition (PNR)- CISŒs natural language processing capability provides proper name recognition (of any sort) in context. CIS enables the integration of the content analysis engine with enterprise systems, such as document management, content management, or enterprise portal systems; expanded macros--CIS enables users to specify relationships between concepts; expanded file format filter support--CIS supports an expanded list of file types and formats, including PDF and MS Office.