Avenue A | Razorfish Launches Custom Reporting Solution

May 04, 2007

Avenue A | Razorfish, an interactive services firm, has launched RIAx, a flexible reporting solution that informs marketers how consumers are engaging with rich internet applications online, including media, microsites, and websites.

Through tagging technology, the RIAx solution provides the flexibility to track complex interactions enabled through rich internet applications, such as mouse-overs, hovers, and video interaction. The RIAx solution combines the technology and service to generate metrics, collect data on behaviors, and optimize the rich internet application for better performance. In addition to the tagging technology, Avenue A | Razorfish has integrated survey technology to collect attitudinal information from the consumer about their online experience. With that insight, the firm can provide more detail about specific interactions that drove brand favorability or intent to purchase, and can use that information to optimize a website. Another feature of RIAx is the integration between media data and website data. The benefit to the marketer is that they can optimize media campaigns to achieve engagement with a rich internet website.

RIAx is a web-based solution. Since software is not required, it can provide access to clients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The solution is capable of tracking all rich internet applications and formats, and is fully integrated with the Atlas Digital Marketing Suite. RIAx is also adaptable to all major web analytics solutions. Avenue A | Razorfish analysts work with clients to determine the specific goals that are accomplished by using rich internet applications and to provide direction on tracking implementation designed to ensure the results match the business goals. The RIAx technology is then configured by Avenue A | Razorfish to report on the precise metrics and views defined by the client and analyst. Avenue A | Razorfish collects the web data and provides a dashboard along with recommendations on how to optimize the rich internet application or media campaign to better meet the marketing goals. RIAx is available immediately to all Avenue A | Razorfish customers globally. Prices will vary based on the reporting structure and level of analysis.