Avatria Launches Avatria Convert

Jan 15, 2019


Avatria, a digital commerce firm and developer of innovative e-commerce solutions, today announced the launch of Avatria Convert. Avatria Convert is a new platform designed to help online retailers increase their e-commerce conversion rates, adding intelligence to category pages in order to help customers find what they need.

Avatria Convert works by utilizing a company’s existing Google Analytics data and machine learning to identify the products that are most likely to be purchased, then updates the site to assure that customers see the most relevant results at the top of the page. Convert generates its rankings via a proprietary algorithm that looks at over 40 different product, sales and customer behavior metrics.

Features of Avatria Convert include:

  • Fast & easy setup – Unlike other conversion optimization software, Convert doesn’t require an extensive development project to get started. Convert uses the company’s existing data platform, allowing users to sign up and start seeing results within days.
  • AI-driven data analysis – As the amount of data companies have access to grows, the ability to perform manual analysis gets harder and harder. Convert’s machine learning technology crunches the numbers, putting state-of-the-art insights just a click away.
  • Automatic sites updates – Convert connects to the user’s e-commerce platform to deliver automatic updates, assuring that the best results are always in front of customers.

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