Autonomy Announces OEM Alliance with Captiva

Mar 09, 2004


Autonomy Corporation plc, a provider of infrastructure software for the enterprise, has announced a strategic OEM agreement with Captiva Software Corporation, a provider of input management solutions. Captiva will embed Autonomy's pattern recognition technology within its Digital Mailroom system in an effort to provide customers with advanced classification and routing for digitized images of inbound mail and electronic communications. Autonomy will replace recognition technology previously provided by Mohomine. Autonomy's pattern recognition software will replace Kofax's Mohomine toolkit.

Autonomy's technology is designed to learn the meaning of words or acronyms as new information enters the system over time. Thus, Autonomy automates the categorization of information based on subject matter, providing a scaleable solution for organizations, such as Captiva, that have large volumes of information that need to be constantly updated.

Introduced in April 2003, Captiva's Digital Mailroom is an automated classification and routing system for digitized images of inbound mail and electronic communications. It offers a single point of entry for a company's incoming mail, faxes, email, and electronic communications streams. The system automatically recognizes and routes digitized images of documents and data to the appropriate department or person for further processing while providing full auditing and tracking capabilities. This results in reduced operational costs, the elimination of paper as it enters the enterprise and faster, more accurate routing of forms, documents and other transactions for accelerated business processes and optimized customer satisfaction.