Author-It Introduces Author-It 5.0

Oct 05, 2007

Author-it Software Corporation, a provider of software for authoring, content management, publishing, and localization, introduced Author-it 5.0, a content management system that includes interactive authoring memory. This memory product feature will be known as Author-it Xtend. Author-it Xtend, a patent-pending technology, is intended to provide an efficient method for the reuse and sharing of content and knowledge within an organization. Using intelligent "fuzzy logic" matching, this new feature makes all of the approved knowledge/content contained in a company’s database available to content creators. The concept behind Author-it Xtend is that it automates the re-use of content. Once a user begins typing, matching or similar content is located and returned instantly-- even if the user is unaware that the content exists. Suggestions can be revealed in as few as three words and in a fraction of a second. Content can also be restricted based on the company’s security restrictions.