Authentica Unveils Saferoute For Secure Messaging

Dec 17, 2002

Authentica, Inc., a provider of content security software for protecting corporate intellectual property and confidential business information, has introduced Authentica SafeRoute, an enterprise secure messaging solution for guarding sensitive email shared within or outside corporate boundaries. SafeRoute is designed to provide both automatic email security and the option for individual users to protect their own outgoing messages. SafeRoute is intended to give enterprises a robust yet simple and flexible solution to centrally manage and control corporate email in accordance with established email security and retention policies--without disrupting their existing messaging infrastructure or requiring cumbersome steps for users. SafeRoute offers a range of deployment and protection options. Its capabilities include: Policy Management/Enforcement--organizations can both centrally enforce email security policies and allow individual users to protect and manage their own messages; Strong Content Security and User Authentication--SafeRoute provides 128-bit data encryption, data integrity verification, and user authentication to protect email wherever it is distributed or stored; Protection Options--enterprises have a choice between two email protection levels; Secure Delivery for point-to-point message protection, and Secure Content for control of email both during and after delivery; Activity Tracking and Auditing--organizations can audit and track information including when and how often content is accessed and printed throughout its lifecycle; Ease of Use/Adoption--senders can securely communicate by email with external users without requiring them to have additional software beyond a standard Web browser; and Content Scanning Integration--SafeRoute works with all major content scanning products to scan, encrypt, and protect sensitive outgoing email in one process. SafeRoute offers four deployment options, which enable enterprises to secure business information without any user involvement or to allow individual users to protect and manage their own messages and documents. It can be deployed through a client desktop using the MailRecall email client plug-in, the Authentica Secure Gateway, a business application, or a Web interface. The SafeRoute messaging solution is part of Authentica's content security suite that also includes PageRecall for secure document sharing and NetRecall for secure sharing of Web content.