Authentica Introduces E-DRM Solution for Secure Information Collaboration

Feb 18, 2004

Authentica, Inc., a provider of enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) software, has expanded its product suite with the introduction of Authentica Secure Office, an E-DRM solution that is designed to let users securely collaborate on native Microsoft Office content with business associates within or beyond the enterprise perimeter. Authentica Secure Office is designed to give organizations dynamic policy control over native Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files located anywhere, within or outside of enterprise boundaries. Authentica's Active Rights Management technology enables files to be continuously protected and secured, while allowing others to revise them. Information owners control who can access, edit, copy/paste, forward, and print documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. These permissions can be changed on the fly, even after recipients have accessed and edited protected files.

With Authentica Secure Office, files are encrypted and the security policies are enforced wherever intellectual property is distributed. Content owners can expire a file at any time and all copies will be automatically deleted wherever they are located (such as sender and recipient desktops, servers or back-up media). Other features of Authentica Secure Office include: secure document collaboration; dynamic policy control; continuous audit trail; automatic expiration control; desktop integration; persistent document protection; integration with existing security infrastructure; and heterogeneous Windows support. Authentica Secure Office will be available in March 2004 with pricing beginning at $50,000.