Authentica Extends Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Partnership

May 25, 2004

Authentica, Inc., a provider of enterprise digital rights management (E-DRM) software, has announced planned support for Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS). Authentica will partner with Microsoft in an effort to extend Windows RMS capabilities beyond the user desktop level to let organizations centrally and automatically enforce document and email usage policies within and outside of corporate boundaries. Windows RMS-enabled applications are designed to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized access and use.

Authentica plans to extend the Windows RMS platform with the following capabilities: Mandatory Policy Enforcement--Automatically and centrally apply and enforce corporate use and retention policies for email and Microsoft Office files. Email Content Filtering Integration--Use email filtering gateways to centrally scan email and attachments for sensitive terms or specific sender/recipient rules and automatically apply Windows RMS policies. Network Folder Integration--Allow organizations to map E-DRM policies to specific network folders and automatically protect information placed into them using Windows RMS policies. User Enrollment and Initialization--Provide a central and streamlined process to enroll external users to view and send RMS-protected content independent of desktop platform. Heterogeneous Messaging Support--Enable external users to securely reply to Windows RMS-protected email, independent of their desktop platforms.