Attributor Unveils Content Monitoring and Analysis Platform

Nov 06, 2007

Attributor Corporation announced the official launch its content monitoring and analysis platform. The subscription service provides publishers with visibility into how and where their original content is copied across the internet. With the Associated Press and Reuters already signed as customers, Attributor has added new functionality to help publishers secure more value from their content online. Attributor's technology works by allowing publishers to register and digitally fingerprint each piece of content (a paragraph, an image, a video), producing Attributor "DNA" to uniquely identify the content based on its essential features. Publishers will be able to assign rules of use that are associated with that DNA, such as how much can be copied, if a link back to the original content is required, and on what terms advertising is permitted. The system continuously scans billions of pages on the internet and reports back the instances where the content has been copied and whether the rules were honored. When Attributor finds a use that is not permitted, the service will automate any number of actions ranging from a link request to removal, and monitors to see when action is taken.