Attributor Announces Protected Badge Partnerships

Oct 07, 2010

Attributor announced partnerships with Macmillan and Kensington Publishing Corp. to support the Attributor Protected Badge program. The global campaign is a collaborative industry effort to drive consumer awareness about fair trade and distribution of e-books, along with protection of author royalties.

Led by Attributor, Macmillan, and Kensington Publishing Corp., the goal of the campaign is to encourage consumers to purchase copies of e-books specifically labeled with badges that signify lawful purchase from an authorized retailer. Through the program, publishers will also be able to provide education about unauthorized downloading.

Beginning in November, Kensington Publishing Corp. will include the Attributor Protected Badge in more than two-dozen new e-books per month. E-books containing the Badge signify the authorized purchase of an original copy, including a link for consumers to learn more about fair trade distribution.