Attention Metrics Available Across All of Vibrant Media’s Ad Formats

Sep 29, 2016


Brands and media agencies can now access attention and engagement data for all digital ad formats and campaigns running with Vibrant Media – even if the campaign objectives are focused on drivinicg traffic. Advertisers can compare their campaign’s performance across Vibrant Media’s formats, to their competitors in their own sector, and the digital industry as a whole.

Vibrant Media, a native advertising company, has been selling numerous formats on a cost-per-engagement and attention basis for over five years – including Mosaic, Lightbox, Storyboard, Amplify, and video enabled In-View formats. However, traffic driving remains Vibrant Media’s primary business, accounting for 54% of Vibrant Media’s annual revenue globally. This step toward providing attention and engagement metrics across all campaigns and formats demonstrates Vibrant Media’s commitment to attention as an emerging currency for all digital advertising.