Attensa Releases Feed Server 1.1

Feb 16, 2007

Attensa, Inc., a developer of RSS software for businesses, has introduced significant enhancements to the Attensa Feed Server, a web feed server designed to distribute internal and external web feeds to users and groups behind the firewall.

Features of the Attensa Feed Server 1.1 include: its availability as a Linux software appliance combining the Feed Server 1.1 application with an open source LAMP stack that readily installs on industry standard servers. The Attensa Feed Server will also be offered as a hosted service to meet the needs of small and medium businesses and workgroups and project teams in larger organizations; administrators and users can set up dynamic searches across 18 web, blog, and social network search engines. The ability to add search from premium content providers is also available. Search feeds are hosted on the server and can be channeled to specific users and groups. Users can add new searches through the Attensa Feed Server's web reader. Typing search keyword queries once will launch searches across multiple search engines. Search results are updated automatically on a continuous basis; the ability for managers, team leaders, and administrators to access new reports based on Attensa's AttentionStream analytics. Detailed Attention reports are searchable based on feeds, groups, and users. Reports can be used to identify must read feeds and the most effective communications channels for getting information to specific users and groups; the server uses Attensa's AttentionStream processing to intelligently manage and direct workload demands to task specific servers; administrators have the ability to set strip out potentially malicious attachments and to set up lists of blocked feeds and enclosures. Administrators also have the ability to disable scripting from within feeds for additional security. Users and groups can be imported from LDAP directories or created specifically on the feed server. Users and groups are searchable to find and assign administrator and user permissions in large organizations; a browsable feed library where users with permission can browse through the feed library to create their own custom reading lists; and documentation for users and administrators is available through the web interface. Access to the Attensa Support portal is available through the admin interface.