Atomz Invites Inktomi Customers to Switch to Web-Native Atomz Search

Dec 03, 2002

Atomz, a provider of enterprise site search technology, predicts that the proposed acquisition of Inktomi Corp. by Verity Inc. will provide Inktomi's customers with an opportunity to consider other site search options. Atomz is offering Inktomi customers a discount of 33% off the list price of Atomz's enterprise site search solution, Atomz Search, as an incentive to switch. For those customers facing renewal contracts with Inktomi, Atomz will match the price of Inktomi's service and support agreements (minimum of $10,000 per year). Atomz Search is designed to allow site managers to control every aspect of the application's configuration, including indexing frequency and scope, search results page layout, and metadata search ranking and relevancy. Atomz also announced pricing adjustments that will allow its customers to make side-by-side price comparisons with Google's Search Appliance. Effective immediately, Atomz will match Google's two-year contract rate, but deliver higher search traffic capacity (up to 600 searches per minute vs. 60 per minute for the Google Search Appliance), as well as offer customers a one-year contract option.