Atomz Introduces On-Demand Web Site Solutions; Announces Site-Centered Content Management

Feb 10, 2004


Atomz, a provider of hosted enterprise Web site applications, has announced new On-Demand Web Site Solutions for enterprise, commerce, and media companies. These solutions integrate Web site needs including search, content management, promotions, emarketing and reporting in an effort to help organizations use a more effective approach to maintaining content and assisting visitors in finding products and information.  

As part of these solutions, Atomz introduces Guided Shopping for commerce Web sites. This new capability dynamically creates a guided shopping experience to help consumers find products quickly. As a hosted solution, there is no incremental hardware, software, maintenance, or programming costs associated with deploying the Atomz On-Demand Solutions. Specific Web site solutions include: Atomz Enterprise is designed to guide visitors to products and information as well as improve operational effectiveness by streamlining content management processes and delegating content management tasks to content owners. Atomz Commerce is designed for retailers to guide online visitors to products they want and influence them to purchase more merchandise through cross-sell, up-sell and merchandising.

Atomz has also announced Site-Centered Content Management, which is designed to optimize content management processes and simplify the content management experience for business users. This new capability is part of Atomz's new On-Demand Web Site Solutions. Atomz Site-Centered Content Management aims to remove the barriers to adoption for Web content management solutions by creating a system that is as familiar and easy-to-use as a Web browser.  

Features of Atomz Site-Centered Content Management include: Browse to Edit--users browse the Web site until they see the content that they want to edit or add; there is no need to login and navigate through a disconnected system. Instant Shortcuts--a single click on an Instant Shortcut icon on the browser toolbar brings up interfaces for previewing, editing, viewing history, and collaborating. One Click Editing and One Click Publishing--reduces the time it takes to edit and publish Web site content to increase the speed of content to the site and adoption by content owners. Ad Hoc Collaboration--content owners and their colleagues can leverage the convenience of email to directly communicate regarding content updates and changes to the Web site, while Atomz tracks each communication and maintains a complete history and audit trail.