Atomz Enhances Web-Native Software Suite; Böwe Bell & Howell Scanners Deploys Atomz Publish and Search

Sep 12, 2003


Atomz, a provider of enterprise Web site management software delivered as an online service, has added a series of new features and functionality to its Web-native software. Nearly a dozen new features have been added to its suite of products, including Atomz Publish, the company's Web content management solution, Atomz Search, its site search engine, and Atomz Promote, an application that enables customers to keyword-target content directly into their site's search results.

Context menus of the content management solution's Rich Text Editor allow users to right-click their mouse to Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All. The Rich Text Editor also displays the style of text used within any given text area. Administrators using Atomz Publish now have a greater ability to control the format of automatically generated file names, which enables Atomz Publish to be integrated with existing customer Web sites with varying file-naming conventions. New security features include search restrictions and enhanced support for corporate workflow and compliance. Atomz Promote now enables multiple site search promotions to be rotated across a particular keyword or key phrase. In combination with HitBox from WebSideStory, this new functionality would enable marketers and retailers to A/B test the results of promotions for products and services within their Web site search results. Search personalization has been added to Atomz Search, giving site managers the ability to personalize or localize the search form on a customer Web site to meet custom site needs. Atomz Promote can now be used in conjunction with the categorization feature of Atomz Search, enabling promotions to be displayed within results that are grouped by customer-defined categories.

Atomz has also announced that Böwe Bell & Howell Scanners recently completed a redesign of its global Web site, during which the company deployed both Atomz Publish and Atomz Search. The site provides product information about dozens of scanners to third party service organizations, authorized resellers, and end users. Böwe Bell & Howell Scanners estimates that it will save thousands of dollars this year by enabling staff members worldwide to update and add content to the site, rather than relying on a manual process that once required outside programming to make changes.

The first step in the redesign process was to create a series of templates within Atomz Publish to provide the framework for Web pages and forms that would appear throughout the site. If modifications are needed, a change made to the template can be dynamically updated across all the pages that depend on that design element, making changes quick and easy.

The Atomz Publish browser-based content authoring interfaces were customized and optimized for ease-of-use, with formatting controls put in place to streamline content entry by non-technical content contributors. In addition, using the link management feature in Atomz Publish, each time a new document is posted, the index page, which contains links to individual documents throughout the site, is automatically updated to reflect the changes.

Atomz Search, the company's site search engine, was also added to provide the technicians who visit Böwe Bell & Howell Scanners' site with the functionality and high performance necessary to find the technical detail they were looking for. The feature set in Atomz Search enables Böwe Bell & Howell Scanners to control every aspect of site search, including indexing, search results, and metadata.

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