Atom Limited Launches New Version of WSCraft CMS

Sep 01, 2006

Atom Limited, a provider of content management solutions, has launched the new version of its WSCraft CMS. WSCraft was designed to enable enables web designers who are familiar only with HTML and CSS to develop and maintain web, extranet, and intranet sites alone. With WSCraft designers can accomplish design integration, content output definition, creating multiple content representations, configuration of ecommerce capabilities, and building multi-language sites, without turning to a programmer. With WSCraft designers can build web, extranet, and intranet sites of any scale, from corporate sites to online portals. If maintaining a site is under designer's responsibility, a customer can be provided with an access to content update tools only while vital features, like managing users, site structure, and design, remain the privilege of the designer.

New development features include: integration of virtually any design and layout into WSCraft; using multiple design templates throughout a site; switching between design templates in a click; creating any content representation, including image galleries, product catalogs, news, articles, blogs, and bulletin boards, without having to acquire additional modules; switching between content representations in a click; flexible manipulation of content output by editing a pure HTML/CSS code completely isolated from a programming code; instant assembling of pages that contain compound content extracted from multiple pages; control over navigation menu look and behavior through customization of a pure CSS file; AJAX support; support for localization of site interface and administrative interface; and an open architecture for integration of third parties PHP scripts into WSCraft as plug-ins. New content management features include: the ability to update content; multi-author content creation; workflow management; version control; content personalization both on a page level and text fragment level; forum membership integration; phpBB, vBulletin, Invision Power Board, and Simple Machines Forum are supported; integration with PayPal, 2CheckOut, and; the ability to track purchases from WSCraft Administrative Panel; creating multi-language sites; automatic generation of RSS feeds; and URLs generation.

WSCraft is distributed in two editions: Premium and Ultimate. In addition, plug-ins that can enhance WSCraft functionality as well as various professional services are available. WSCraft, plug-ins, and professional services can be ordered through the product website.