Atom Limited Launches New Version of CM Suite

May 19, 2006

Atom Limited, a provider of content management solutions, has launched the latest version of its WSCraft content management suite. The suite includes capabilities both for development and management of dynamic Web, intranet, and extranet sites. As a development platform, WSCraft is intended for Web designers who wish to build and manage database-driven dynamic Web sites, but have no programming skills. WSCraft enables Web designers who are familiar only with HTML and CSS to create and deploy full-featured database-driven sites without involving a programmer.

The key features include: the ability to create content and build any content representation, including image galleries, product catalogs, news, articles, blogs, and bulletin boards, without having to acquire additional modules; integration of any design and layout into WSCraft; content manipulation by editing a pure HTML/CSS which is isolated from a programming code; instant assembling of pages that contains compound content extracted from multiple pages; full control on navigation menu look and behavior by customizing a pure CSS file; the entire menu fits in a single 2K code space; complete support for AJAX; integration with a shopping cart that works with PayPal and 2CheckOut; and an open architecture for integration of third parties PHP scripts into WSCraft as plugins.