Atex Releases New Web-Based CMS Solution

Jan 09, 2012


Atex released a new browser-based content management system. The Atex Content system is designed to help media companies manage their workflow with a single cloud-based publishing environment that delivers content across multiple channels.

Atex Content features Atex Web CMS integration to provide users with a single view of all digital and print content. This feature is designed to reduce the expense and manual effort associated with production. The system also includes access to wire content and features integrated text mining that creates content consistency and aims to improve the accuracy, speed, and relevancy of user searches.

Atex Content has a "flexible and role-relevant" user interface framework and also allows users to integrate Atex applications directly within other third-party software programs. Atex Content is available for both in-house and remote use via PC, Macintosh, or any device with a web browser and the Atex plug-in installed.