AsiaInfo-Linkage Veris C3

Jul 22, 2013

AsiaInfo-Linkage, a supplier of BSS systems, has launched its Veris C3 Big Data appliance to international markets. Veris C3 is designed around Context -- a real-time understanding of where customers are and what they are doing on their mobile devices; Content - the ability to create very specific marketing messages and campaigns; and Control -- the ability to target precisely defined customer segments and give end customers real-time control over their opt-in preferences.

Veris C3 processes data from operators' mobile and Wi-Fi networks to produce Data Behavior Insights. Customers who opt in will receive relevant and personalized marketing campaigns and policy changes based on real-time knowledge of their mobile context. Veris C3 also makes customers' data usage transparent, so it is clear which apps generated which data charges on their bills.