AsiaInfo Launches Global B2B Collaboration Platform for Mobile Operators

Feb 06, 2014

AsiaInfo-Linkage, Inc., Asia's leading supplier of BSS systems, announced the global launch of its Veris Open Operational Platform (O²P), a collaboration platform for mobile operators that transforms Over-The-Top (OTT) services into new operator revenue streams. O²P enables operators to boost revenues by converging their products with those of the OTT players who in turn get access to operators' advanced back-office IT capabilities.

O²P aims to simplify and streamline the partnering process. The platform supports a variety of retail and wholesale business models between operators and OTTs. Its design ensures that operators can scale the number of partners they can work with, and reduces the complexities of engaging with multiple partners.

O²P facilitates the creation and development of "converged" or "mash-up" products, which consist of the operator's services (mobile data, QoS, charging etc.) and OTT services. The open platform becomes an API hub for connecting the IT systems of operators and other Digital Service Providers (DSPs).