Asbru Releases Web CM Version 6.1

May 30, 2006

Asbru Software has announced the third major update to its Web content management solution this year. The latest version of the Asbru Web Content Management system adds new features including visual drag and drop Web site structure management, RSS delivery of content, and ready-to-use event calendars, polls, questionnaires, and support ticket functionality.

Asbru Web Content Management v6.1 adds new drag and drop Web site structure management. The new visual drag and drop capabilities allow users to create and maintain dynamic menus and sitemaps on their Web sites. The new version also includes the capability to serve content through RSS feeds to facilitate Web site visitors to track updates on the Web site. Among the new features are also a number of ready-to-use applications with specialized functionality. An event calendar application enables event administrators to add events to a Web site. In addition the event calendar enables users to register for events. The default events calendar functionality is designed to meet typical requirements. However, the event calendar functionality is fully customizable to meet specific requirements.

A poll and questionnaire application allows Web site managers to add one or several multiple-choice questions to their Web sites. Interim and final results of the polls and questionnaires are instantly accessible. The new version also includes a support ticket application, which provides a solution for companies to include on their Web site to enable their customers to submit support tickets. The support ticket application also provides a tool for support ticket administrators to manage the workflow and priorities of support tickets.