Arxan Partners to Battle Digital Media Pirates

Apr 17, 2007

Arxan Technologies Inc., a provider of security solutions designed to protect software applications, has announced a deal aimed at further strengthening the battle against piracy of digital media including films, videos, and television programs during the production and post-production process. Thomson will integrate Arxan's software anti-tamper, anti-piracy technology into Thomson‘s NexGuard, its digital rights and media management suite of tools specially tailored for the professional entertainment environment. 

The addition of Arxan technology fortifies the security of the NexGuard protection suite, which already offers encryption-based access control, watermarking, and forensic data solutions to manage and secure storage, transfer, and viewing of digital content across multiple post-production, production or content distribution facilities within a company and among producers, agencies and other adjunct personnel. Arxan safeguards software applications from unauthorized changes, reverse engineering and code-lifting. Arxan provides durable security through its patented Guard technology, which enables software applications to actively prevent, detect, and react to piracy and tampering attacks. By associating tamper resistant hardware, such as smart cards, and tamper resistant software, NexGuard offers best-of-breed content protection for entertainment professionals.